Jackson Jewelers


  • Trade-in
    • Jackson Jewelers can take many pieces in on trade towards new projects. We seldom buy out completely. On case-by-case, we can evaluate for sell through consignment.
  • Jewelry Repair & Custom
    • At Jackson Jewelers we have a talented staff that can help with your repair project. From simple sizing, tip replacement, to complete platinum restoration. Let us be your guide!
    • If the piece can not be repaired, let us use your diamonds to create a custom right hand ring, or pendant. Many times, we have mountings in stock that your diamonds can fit.
  • Custom Rings
    • We have been helping our clients create custom rings for over 70 years. This is what sets us apart in the Willamette Valley. We have a knowledgeable staff to help create the ring or pendant of your dreams. We have diamonds & gemstones to fill any gaps, or can work with your stones to create something special. We can help you create Mothers rings and family rings too.
  • Diamond Repair
    • We are capable of evaluating diamonds that have been chipped and/or damaged for potential repair or total recut. We can help in insurance replacement where needed.
  • Appraisals - Jewelry & Estate
    • Jackson Jewelers appraises jewelry that we have sold. If all the pieces came from Jackson's and it has been within 3 years of the sale date, it will be at no charge. If after that and within 10 years of today, it will be $50.00 each. This includes updates. We may also not need to keep the items for the duration of appraisal. But beyond 10 years, it will require seeing the jewelry item and re-evaluating completely by our Gemologist. It may cost as much as $100.00 per item.
    • On Jewelry that we have not sold, we visit on a case-by-case basis, and many times require the services of an outside appraiser. We primarily use Pacific Gemological Laboratory in downtown Portland. The charge is $185.00 per item. This covers our insurance to hand courier the item/s to the appraisers. They usually take 2-3 weeks to complete. On a Rush scenario, you can take the pieces directly to Pacific Gem Labs.
    • Estate Evaluation. We handle these on a case-by-case basis. We can help you go through your items and determine what needs to be evaluated further. We charge $100 per hour. We can give you a rough outline of materials, approximate stone identification, and rough price.
  • Appraisals - Watch
    • Jackson Jewelers appraises watches that we have sold. If it has been within 3 years of the sale date, it will be at no charge. If after that and within 10 years, it will be $50.00 per item. We may also need to keep the items for the duration of appraisal. But beyond that time, we require seeing the ring and re-evaluating completely by our Appraiser & watchmaker. This costs $100.00 each.
    • On watches not sold at Jackson's, are handled on a case-by-case basis. On watches purchased 2nd hand, it is important to have all the correct documentation. Without that, it is very difficult to gather information to complete the appraisal. Furthermore, watches purchased online 2nd hand, are even more challenging. We have seen many watches that appear genuine, but have been taken apart and not fully put back together genuine. Unlike jewelry, there is not enough information in most cases to evaluate every brand of watch. We primarily appraise Rolex & Omega, but let us know on others.